Titanium Compared

Titanium is not actually a rare substance because it is the ninth most abundant element and the fourth most abundant structural metal in the earth’s crust, surpassed by aluminum, iron and magnesium. Unfortunately, it is rare Found in high concentrations, it has never been found in a pure state. Therefore, the difficulty of metal processing

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A Brief History of Titanium

It was In 1791 that the scientist and chemist, William Gregor, first found the find metal. However four years later, Martin Martin Heinrich Klaproth, the Berlin chemist, took the finding further and isolated titanium dioxide. It was the legendary story from Greek mythological of the children of Uranos and Greek deity, the Titans, that gave

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Titanium Tube Uses

Titanium made a serious splash in the 1950s when it was used in the aerospace industry. Over the years however, owing to interesting attributes such as its toughness, lightweight nature and corrosion resistance; a number of other industries have found numerous uses for the Titanium tube. Let’s explore different uses of the Titanium tube: The

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Titanium Sheets Use

How Titanium sheets are produced Titanium sheets fall in grade 2 of Titanium production. Grade 2 Titanium has a number of similar qualities as grade 1 titanium thus making it the product of choice in the commercial sector. Compared to grade 1 titanium, Grade 2 titanium is not only widely available, it is also slightly

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Titanium Anodes Usage

Uses of titanium in Anodes What is a titanium anode? An anode is a positively charged electrode through which electrons will leave a given electrical device. When the term ‘titanium’ is applied to it, it simply means an anode that is made from titanium. Other materials that may be used include aluminum, zinc, copper and

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Titanium Bar Manufacture

Titanium Bars Titanium Bars are derived from Titanium ore. They are light in nature but don’t let that fool you as they pack plenty of strength! Compared to Aluminum for example; they are definitely lighter and stronger. How are they made? Titanium is obtained from a number of ores of which rutile and Ilmenite are

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Titanium Research

In the past few years, titanium has become one of the most sought-after metals, being used in a multitude of industries. The metal is appreciated for its high resistance to corrosion and incredible strength, being employed for medical implants, airframes and titanium rings. A lot of items are created from this metal, including the titanium

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