A Brief History of Titanium

It was In 1791 that the scientist and chemist, William Gregor, first found the find metal. However four years later, Martin Martin Heinrich Klaproth, the Berlin chemist, took the finding further and isolated titanium dioxide. It was the legendary story from Greek mythological of the children of Uranos and Greek deity, the Titans, that gave the inspiration for naming it metal.

It’s an interesting story with the Titans, as per the mythology they were totally scorned by their father, and held in captivity within the earths crust, in the same way the titanium ore remains today. It took another hundred years to isolate the metal. the primary alloys, as well as today’s preferred Ti-6Al-4V, which were only developed within the late Forties. These days an outsized variety of metal alloys have paved the method for lightweight metals to immensely expand into several industrial applications.

Titanium and its alloys stand out primarily because of their high specific strength and impressive corrosion resistance, at simply 0.5 the burden of steels and Ni-based superalloys This explains their early success within the part and therefore the chemical industries however alternative markets like design, chemical process, medicine, power generation, marine and offshore, sports and leisure, and transportation are seeing enlarged application of metal.

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