Titanium Sheet Supply Route

Titanium, the metal of the future, is appreciated for its unique properties. In recent years, it has found use in numerous applications, ranging from surgical implants to airplane wings. This is a lightweight metal, with excellent corrosion resistance and an amazing strength-to-weight ratio. In this article we will focus on the titanium sheet supply route. […]

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Titanium in the News – 2018

Titanium is one of the most popular materials today, being appreciated for its high strength, low weight and incredible resistance to corrosion. Researchers keep on finding applications for titanium, with alloys being used in the aerospace industry. Numerous other industries have begun using titanium for some time now, including the military, automotive and medical fields.

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Titanium Mill Market in 2017

The global titanium mill products market has diversified in the past few years, due to the increased demand coming from various industries and consequent manufacturers. In 2017, we have seen a surge in the diversity offered, with bars, billets, plates and sheets being just several products categories that are in high demand. The market serves

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Titanium bikes in 2017

Titanium has become one of the most commonly used materials for the development of bike frames, especially since the costs associated with production have reduced considerably in the past few years. So far, 2017 has amazed us with titanium bikes that are beautiful and tough at the same time. Titanium offers a wide range of

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