Titanium Sheet Grades

Titanium sheets are available in different thicknesses, widths, lengths, weights, and gauges. They can be made from commercially pure titanium and/or alloy grade titanium. They are useful in the industrial, medical, and aerospace industries. Titanium sheets are sold in varying thicknesses that range from 0.5 mm to 5.0 mm. Customized sizes are available upon request […]

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Titanium Bar Applications

Titanium bars are an essential component of the aerospace, petroleum, chemical, and medical industries. They are made from titanium, a metallic element that is characterized by its resistance to corrosion, strength, and lightness. Titanium Extraction Titanium naturally occurs in the Earth’s lithosphere, in soils, rocks, bodies of water, and other living things. It is extracted

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Different Types And Applications Of Titanium Tubes

Titanium is a widely-used, lightweight structural metal in various industries. It has: high resistance to corrosion non-magnetic traits unique density good heat transfer high melting point high tensile strength For many years now, titanium has shown that it an indispensable material. It has become very valuable in the aircraft industry, chemical processing plants, gas and

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Tantalum Properties And Uses

Tantalum is a transition metal element with the chemical symbol Ta. It was named after Tantalus, a Greek mythological figure who was a son of Zeus and Pluto. It is a refractory metal that is blue-gray in color, rare in existence, and has high resistance to corrosion. In 1802, Swedish chemist Anders Gustaf Ekeberg discovered

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Inconel Superalloys

Inconel is a group of superalloys that are nickel-chromium-based austinites. Its alloys are commonly utilized in processes that require high temperature. In the 1940s, some Wiggin Alloys research teams in Hereford, England developed it for the creation of the Whittle jet engine. There are many different types of inconels, and they vary in their compositions. 

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Introduction To Steel

Steel is an alloy that is made up of carbon and iron, with the former as is its chief alloying component. It is used in various applications because of its distinctive material properties, making it the most widely-used metal today. Forms Of Steel  Steel comes in four forms: mild, medium-carbon, high-carbon, or very-high-carbon. Mild steel

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Titanium Applications

Titanium is a shiny metal that is known for its high strength, low density, and silver color. It is a chemical element (with chemical symbol Ti) that belongs to the transition metal category and has an atomic number 22. In 1971, titanium was first discovered in the county of Cornwall in Great Britain by British

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Titanium Tube Production

The production of titanium tube follows a similar approach to that of over metals. The key difference in the materials production comes at the early phases when the raw material is processed. The process known as the Kroll Process is the steps taken to turn titanium raw material (the sponge) into a refined state from

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Titanium sourcing

One of the great disconnects in manufacturing is between design and manufacture. Design is often considered agnostic to the manufacturing process. So much so that it is left typically with production engineering to understand the how for the what. Advances in metal working and forming have meant increased and enhanced ability to create intricate shapes

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Titanium Prices

Titanium is not a publicly traded material which can at first be strange considering its widespread usage globally and it is possible to compare it in terms of a replacement to steel which is traded. The reasons why this is the case is that the manufacturing process (Kroll Process) accounts for the majority of titanium

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