Titanium Tube Uses

Titanium made a serious splash in the 1950s when it was used in the aerospace industry. Over the years however, owing to interesting attributes such as its toughness, lightweight nature and corrosion resistance; a number of other industries have found numerous uses for the Titanium tube.
Let’s explore different uses of the Titanium tube:

  1. The Aerospace industry: As mentioned before, the major use for titanium was in the aerospace industry. It was and is still used in the making of aircraft frames and engines. The reasons behind this are its lightweight nature and its ability to endure high temperatures. This is in addition to the material’s tough nature.
  2. The chemical Industry: Titanium has found its way to the chemical industry thanks to its corrosion resistant nature. It is used in piping systems in addition to a number of other systems such as heat exchangers where heavy load handling is essential.
  3. The sports industry: Bikers that wish to enjoy the sport minus having to carry around heavy bikes swear by titanium-built bikes. This is because titanium is relatively lightweight. This means that it is possible to have a bike that weights next to nothing (for example 6 pounds) being more than capable of performing its duties. Besides bikes, titanium is also used in the production of golf clubs.
  4. The oil and gas industry: Thanks to its ability to endure high temperatures, the Titanium Tube has made its way to the oil and gas industry. In addition, its high corrosive resistance makes it an ideal product to be used in the industry.
  5. The architectural industry: There are structures that have been put up with this material thanks to its elasticity. In addition, its ability to not to easily rust thanks to the protective film it forms makes it a great material to use outdoors.
  6. The Health industry: In the health industry, the tube can be used in the manufacture of lightweight wheel chairs.
    All in all, thanks to its tough though lightweight characteristic, the Titanium Tube is finding its way to a number of industries.