Titanium Wire Applications

Titanium wire is one of the most common forms of commercial titanium metal. It is used for many different applications in various industries.

Titanium Information

Possessing several unique attributes and properties, titanium is one of the most favored metals utilized in different industries nowadays. It is known for its outstanding strength-to-weight ratio, great corrosion resistance, excellent heat intensity, and good low temperature performance.

Titanium Wire

Titanium wires are an example of cost-effective ends products of Ti. They can be made from different kinds of titanium alloys and are manufactured in a variety of lengths and sizes.


Titanium Wire Alloys And Grades 

Commonly used titanium alloys to make titanium wires are:

  • Titanium Alloy 6Al 4V
  • Titanium Alloy Ti 0.2Pd
  • Titanium Alloy 5Al 2.5Sn
  • Titanium Alloy TiNiobium
  • Titanium Alloy Ti 0.3 Mo .8Ni
  • Commercially Pure Titanium 

Alloy grades and standards can be:

ASTM B 348 Grades 1,2,3,4
AWS A5.16 ERTi 1,2,3,4
AMS 4951
AMS 4921
ASTM F 67 Grades 1,2,3,4 

ASTM B 348 Grades 7 & 11
AWS A5.16 ERTi 7 

ASTM B 348 Grade 12
AWS A5.16 ERTi 12 

AMS 4953
AWS A5.16 ERTi 6
ASTM B 348 Grade 6

ASTM B 348 Grade 9
AWS A5.16 ERTi 9 

Measurements range from 18 inches to 20 feet in length, and from 0.0015 inches to 0.500 inches in diameter, and spools of between 2 inches and 12 inches are also are available.

Titanium Wire Types

Commercially-available titanium wires come as:

  • Titanium wire coil
  • Titanium wire straight
  • Titanium wire spool

These are available in various surface finishes, such as black painted, sand blasted, and pickling.

Titanium Wire Applications 

Some common titanium wire applications include the following:

  • Pacemakers
  • Fasteners, pins, and other bonding prostheses for bones
  • Automotive and aircraft springs
  • Fuel filtration systems for satellites
  • Brush spines used for cleaning cloth filters, heat exchangers, etc.
  • Support rods
  • Jewelry
  • Condensator of power station and electrodes
  • Manufacture of environmental pollution monitoring and control devices