Titanium Anode Baskets For Plating And Other Applications

Titanium Overview 

Titanium is a lustrous metallic element known for being lightweight and highly resistant. It possesses several desirable attributes, most notably its durability and strength. It is one of the most abundant metals on Earth and has also been discovered to be present in meteorites, stars, our sun, our moon, and others.

Titanium Anode Baskets 

Titanium anode baskets are among the most commonly manufactured and used titanium products nowadays. They are utilized for various applications, including in plating and PCB industries.


There are several properties that make titanium anode baskets highly usable in different applications. They:

  • Are not prone to sludge formation
  • Enable easy and smooth flow of electrolytes


Titanium anode baskets offer a number of benefits that make them preferable over other types of materials. They are:

  • Non-corrosive
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Very strong 

They also have:

  • Uniform current distribution
  • Uniform anode area
  • High anode efficiency
  • Less voltage loss
  • Constant deposition 



Current uses of titanium anode baskets are in the:

  • Electrolysis cell to enable metal recovery
  • Electroplating processes
  • Electro winning applications
  • Metal finishing procedures 


Titanium anode baskets are available in different sizes and shapes. Some examples are:

  • Rectangular anode baskets
  • Cylindrical anode baskets
  • Semicircular anode baskets
  • Square type anode baskets
  • Panel type anode baskets
  • Circular type anode baskets
  • Micro expanded mesh anode baskets
  • Regular expanded titanium mesh anode baskets
  • Perforate plate anode baskets
  • Bucket, spiral type titanium anode baskets 

There are also products that are designed for specific purposes. Examples are:

  • Copper plating titanium anode baskets
  • Anodizing, brass plating titanium anode baskets
  • Acid tin plating titanium anode baskets
  • Chromium plating anode baskets
  • Reel to reel, barrel plating titanium anode baskets
  • Ag, Zn, Cd plating anode baskets 

Also, certain anode baskets come with different hooks, and they include:

  • Standard expanded hook titanium anode baskets
  • Copper lined hook type baskets
  • Plain hook type baskets
  • Twisted hook type titanium anode baskets
  • Copper clad hook type baskets
  • Double knife edge hook titanium anode baskets