Titanium sourcing

One of the great disconnects in manufacturing is between design and manufacture. Design is often considered agnostic to the manufacturing process. So much so that it is left typically with production engineering to understand the how for the what.

Advances in metal working and forming have meant increased and enhanced ability to create intricate shapes and products however these come at the expense of ease of manufacture and ultimately cost of product. It is quite common to see metals presented and sold in price for kg however this does not give an indication on the cost to engineer final products. The importance of bring the how in production to the design table can not be underestimated as increased competition in a global economy which is experiencing the longest sustained depression in history means that ever cent of cost saving is vital.

Contrasted with the separation of duties from design to manufacture, the outsourcing and subcontracting of production to places with cheaper labour costs along with increased ease of communication, sharing of information, technical design documents and the standardisation of engineering. Never more so that today is it important to identify a supplier who is able to work in partnership with designers to ensure that the product made is done in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

Titanium sourcing to find such a working partnership can be a difficult task despite the wealth of resources and enhancement by which we can find each other. It is important to identify a supplier who has a track record of bring products to market, working with engineers, designers, logistics and procurement teams to ensure a successful supply chain.

North Steel Co. is a world leader in the manufacture of titanium tube and we have worked with some of the largest companies in the world in supporting their requirements when build plants and site. We know the challenges and risks and how they can be mitigated and we are ready to work in partnership with yourselves to build a winning team! Contact us today to understand how we can support your requirements !