Titanium bikes in 2017

Titanium has become one of the most commonly used materials for the development of bike frames, especially since the costs associated with production have reduced considerably in the past few years. So far, 2017 has amazed us with titanium bikes that are beautiful and tough at the same time. Titanium offers a wide range of advantages, not only from an aesthetic point of view but also with regard to durability and strength.

This year’s bikes impress with their light weight, as titanium is notoriously known for its lightness. Even when it comes to traditional looking models, you still get the same benefits, as long as titanium is used for the bike frame. Endurance road bikes have recently begun to rely on titanium for frames as well, ensuring the desired speed for intense road riding but providing the much-needed comfort and stability (especially important for off road riding).

There are three main advantages that titanium bikes have to offer, meaning the light weight, fatigue life and strength. As more and more bike manufacturers rely on titanium for the development of sleek frames, we are also assisting to a reduction in overall prices. In the past, titanium bikes came with a hefty price tag. Today, thanks to innovative manufacturing technologies, titanium bikes have become quite common. The 2017 models are presented as bikes that you can use for a long period of time, demonstrating that carbon fiber is no longer the only standard in the industry. Titanium presents itself as a superior metal, from which bike frames can be easily manufactured.

Titanium bikes are light and thus easy to carry; moreover, these new models guarantee an amazing ride quality, regardless of your current level of experience. In deciding between a titanium bike and one that is made from other materials, it is important to take into consideration the anti-corrosive properties of this particular metal. Also, you need to consider the aesthetic benefits that titanium has to offer; many of the 2017 bike models come with titanium frames that have laser-etched graphics. These are often found on the downtube and they add a unique touch to the finished model.

Apart from the ride quality, titanium bikes guarantee the best possible handling and efficiency. Thanks to the lightweight properties of titanium, you are also guaranteed increased speed (with no negative consequences for the overall control). In fact, in 2017, titanium has increasingly become the first choice for the development of frames for disc-equipped road bikes. Such bikes are offered in different builds, so that one can take advantage of the various customization opportunities.

What can you expect from a titanium bike? You have increased comfort and ease of usage, first and foremost. Then, you have the high endurance level and the top quality appearance. As for performance, in 2017, we are seeing amazing innovations. In general, the frames are made from 3AL 2.5V titanium, which remains the standard grade for road bikes. These frames guarantee the smooth ride you are interested, as well as for excellent power transfer.

Given the light weight, increased comfort, excellent handling & power transfer, it should come as no surprise that titanium is used for the development of bikes suitable for long distance driving (disc brake versions). Even racing bikes have frames manufactured from titanium, given the obvious advantages that are offered. Some of the 2017 frames have managed, however, to stand apart from the others; an excellent example is the hydroformed tubing. Both the toptube and the downtube have been designed in such a manner, that they guarantee the best possible ride quality, along with the necessary rigidity. Moreover, the tube profiles have a polished finish, hence the increased aesthetic appeal.

Titanium frames have gained quite the popularity this year, as they combine all the qualities an experienced bike rider is on the lookout for. They also have that particular flair, an aesthetic appeal that is very hard to overlook. For anyone who is looking for the perfect blend between quality and performance, 2017 titanium bikes represent excellent choices. A quick search on the Internet will also reveal that, apart from the standard 3AL 2.5V or 2V titanium, high grade 6AL 4V titanium is used. This guarantees a faster endurance, not to mention a perfectly balanced geometry. Moreover, it delivers better strength and rigidity. The only drawback would be the price, as the high grade titanium bike frames still come with a hefty price tag.

In terms of weight, you should know that this year’s models vary between 1,150 and 1,250 g, which is quite amazing. Even the double-butted titanium versions possess a similar weight, ensuring a fast ride, including on cross terrains. Classic frames can be made from titanium as well, being suitable for nostalgic riders, who are looking for top-notch performance at the same time. These 2017 models impress not only with their clean lines but also with their classic geometry. Many of these have a helix design for both the toptube and the downtube, providing an increased level of stability and a balanced ride.

Perhaps one of the most important aspects to take into consideration is the high fatigue strength of 2017 titanium bike models. If you are looking to get a bike that will last you for a long period of time, there is no better choice to make, other than one with a titanium frame. This is the kind of frame that endures even the most difficult terrain conditions, ensuring the same amazing ride quality and high comfort levels. And, even though it might remind you of the traditional steel frame, you will definitely see the difference when trying to pick it up.

The most obvious changes in the newer models are related to tubing profiles and, subsequently, to their diameters. As it was already mentioned, we have also seen a transition from the standard 3AL 2V or 2.5V tubing to the 6AL 4V tubing, which has also meant an increase in price for certain models. Just to remind you, these titanium alloys are enriched with vanadium, in order to deliver better performance results. Why is the harder grade of titanium more expensive? The answer is simple and quite obvious: because the manufacturing costs are higher and the actual process more complicated. For this reason, 6AL 4V is not chosen as a standard for seamless tubes but rather preferred for additional parts, such as head tubes or dropouts.

In terms of design, 2017 titanium bikes really do stand out. They have unique colors and finishes, especially in comparison to the road bikes that are made from other materials. The tubes come in different profiles and they can be customized with paint, beads and a wide range of decals. Despite the fact that these bikes are created with the help of innovative technology, they manage to impress with their timeless appearance. In other words, in ten years from now, they will look just as good and provide an equal level of performance.

Cyclocross bikes have titanium frames as well, this being another innovative change we have witnesses so far in 2017. This makes them suitable for off-road riding, as well as for intense training. The combination of titanium frames with disc brakes and internal cable routine is particularly exciting; it is this combination that makes titanium bikes suitable for any terrain, including off-road surfaces. Moreover, thanks to the sleek titanium frame, these bikes can accommodate wider tires and mudguards, with guaranteed enhanced protection.

The internal cable routing is an interesting feature, being seen in the majority of 2017 titanium bikes. The main idea was to accommodate all of the cables inside the titanium frame, so that the aesthetic appeal is maintained and clean lines are guaranteed. Other details stand out in this year’s models, including the neat welds, oversized main tubes and head tubes that have been externally reinforced. Add to that the laser-etched graphics, painted frames & decals and you have the perfect bike for an amazing riding experience.