Titanium Tube Chemical Industry

The emergence of new technologies, advances in engineering techniques, developing nations, and an overall global demand for increased consumption have lead to a surge in demand for chemical engineering. Now is the age of large scale efficient production of food, chemicals and new materials. In order to support this engineering are the chemical plants that produce.

Furthermore is the pressure on plants to be ever more resilient and longer lasting. As such there is demand on the materials that make up these chemical processing plants. Taking one step even further back along the process is the need for strong, lightweight, non-corrosive, hard wearing materials. Materials that will be subjected to high temperatures, highly acidic and alkaline solutions and needed to withstand all these whilst accommodating large forces. There is no better material suited for the task than titanium.

The global demand for everything that passes through a chemical refining plant has placed an increasing demand on the production and availability of ti. To compensate there is a growing area of research and development that is dedicated to ensuring that the supply remains high and that downstream production is not failed. The key components of a chemical processing plant is tubing and piping that move materials from place to place and from machine to machine. These tubes and pipes need to be of varying shapes and sized and be able to be formed into shapes that suit the plant and not the plant to suit the tubes and pipes.

When looking for a supply of tubes and pipes, whilst price is important it is not always the most imperative aspect of consideration. Plants must be built to strict time-scales, and so availability and delivery is important, chemical plants run 24/7 and require minimal maintenance, so quality is important. Chemical processing plants typically require the full range of pipes and fittings and so range of supply is important. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of tube and piping for over two decades we understand the challenges our customers face and the need to deliver on orders, on time, with quality at the right price.

Getting the right titanium tube is a key tool in ensuring your chemical processing goes as needed. It can be a difficult aspect to identify the right manufacturer and at Shaanxi North Steel Co we have a dedicated team of experts on had to support and advise on titanium pipes. For information on who we can support your requirement please feel free to contact us and we will support you with what we believe is a first class service.