Rise of Titanium Tube

Titanium tubes used in the medical industry. As the evolution in manufacturing continues an exciting area of development is in the growth of medical applications. One held at the preserve of large producers with a one size fits all approach there is a continuing growth to bespoke engineering.

The past few years has seen a rise in the use of additive manufacture with the introduction of cheaper 3d printing technology and also the pervasiveness of technology and design from the engineering workshops to the home. Rising shipping costs along with resource shortages have also driven an increase in local engineering works where individuals can purchase bespoke parts locally, quickly, efficiently and to the quality which they demand.

The advent of this shift in user bases has encouraged individuals to manufacture and in an industry such as the medical industry the revolution in mechanical / bio mechanical parts has begun. Whether it be for new instrumentation or the actual implants themselves it is easy to understand the potential. A scenario might be that a medical imaging device might capture the structure of a broken bone or joint with a need for that part to be replaced. The 3d imaging device can determine the exact dimensions and structure of the replacement part and that can be quickly processed either through additive manufacturing and sintering or through CNC mill product working.

The material of choice for such engineering is titanium tubes with the high strength to weight ratio they are a natural replacement for bone. The titanium tube structure can also offer the necessary cavities and surface quality for the part to be become fully embedded and connected to muscle structures. As a leading supplier of titanium tube globally North Steel has worked with medical personnel and engineering companies to partner and build bio mechanical components which benefit the lives of everyone. For information on how North Steel can supply titanium tubes to meet your demands contact us now.