Titanium Supply Guidance

In recent years there has been a huge leap forward for the manufacture of metal powder due to the prospective demand from additive manufacturing. More commmonly referred to as 3d printing the process provides an alternative approach to engineering solutions.

One in which items are “grown” rather than shaped. Where material is added and built up layer upon layer to create a finished shape rather than the traditional way of metal forming which is where metal is taken away and machined into final products.

As with any emerging field the challenge to find reliable supplier can be a key obstacle in developing the process quickly and along side is the increased regulation with respect to the handling and shipping of powder goods that have been introduced in recent years. Couple this with economic demand shifts in location for products from east to west and it can be a challenge in developing a reliable route to market and a competitive edge. 3D printing is also in its infancy and many questions still exist around what the most cost effective type of powder one should use for specific applications.

Being at the heart of additive manufacturing research and development worldwide we are closely affiliated with the Northwest University of Materials Science who are the leading the way for powder metallurgy. Whilst many projects remain confidential it is recognised as shaping the how with powder for the future. Some of the largest structures have been printed in Shaanxi and there is no better place to understand the demands of metals in additive metallurgy.

At Shaanxi north steel we are already world leaders in the manufacture and supply of metal powder. We produce the smallest powder, down to a size of 1 micron. This size allows for greater precision and overall quality of product. Other key factors to consider when choosing a powder is the particle shape and also the size distribution. Spherical titanium powder allows for greater movement through equipment and a greater flow rate, with irregular the opposite but having increased binding properties. Another factor is size distribution which is the percentage of particles that meet a certain size criteria. The tighter the distribution the more uniform the size. However with all of these factors it is important to strike an optimum cost balance.

We have been manufacturing and supplying titanium powder for over two decades and are recognised as a leading supplier of titanium powder. If you would like some guidance on what powder is right for you. And even would like to place an order contact one of our team today.