Titanium in Construction

Typically seen as a high end engineering metal for use in small components and an exclusive metal used in a small range of highly engineered products such as in aerospace and medical equipment. Titanium is starting to gain traction as an important material in architecture and building design. The advancement and development has driven titanium to become a metal of choice for building and is set to takeover from steel.

The business case for using titanium as the most appropriate metal for construction is not soley down to cheaper prices and more direct sourcing but also strengthened due to the rising labor costs in construction and the longevity of building structures needing to go beyond 100 years and more to ensure maximum return on construction investment and low ongoing maintenance. In addition is the continual challenge of design with architecture demanding to do more and challenge convention engineering.

There is a growing number of architects that are turning to titanium as a means to create strong and light structures. There is also another really very interesting property of titanium which makes it a perfect fit for construction, that is its thermal expansion. Titanium’s coefficient of thermal expansion is 50% that of stainless steel and copper and a 33% of aluminum and equal to glass and concrete, the primary building materials, making thermal stress very low and titanium the ideal partner in construction material.

The uses of titanium bar, titanium tube and titanium sheet can be found in curtain walling, ballastrading, windows, doors, louvres, cladding, skylights and canopies. Ti sheet and ti rods is also now also being incorporated into glass to add increased strength, weight and flexibility of control for light and shade. Over the next 20 years our role as a titanium supplier will be to embrace this new dawn and along with other titanium suppliers will work with the construction industry to provide teh very best in ti sheet, ti bars and ti tubes.

For all your titanium requirements speak to us now. We supply titanium to international standards and at the lowest market rates, giving you the flexibility to concentrate on engineering the very best in architectural design.