Titanium Horse Shoe

3D printed objects are now moving from the laboratories and research centres to active and useful products found in everyday life. Whilst there are obviously concerns regarding the regulation and supply of in particular dangerous products the positive side where custom sized and designed components which can be made rapidly are a really key aspect. Talk has been over the ability to download and print designers shoes however it is when the parts are critical that really demonstrate the great potential of the technology.

The medical implication of being able to manufacture a bespoke component for a patient or for a racing team to tbe able to manufacture a special widget on site where custom builds and also rapid development is a must is a fantastic demonstration of the prospects that the world of SLM combined with the use of the material hold. It is not a surprise therefore that we are reading daily about the latest instances where a person has taken the material and gone beyond and demonstrated the example of its in practical situations.

A recent example is in horse racing of all places. Typical horses shoes as with human shoes have been designed to standard sizes. However in this elite world of sport it can be a critical aspect and a competitive advantage to give the horse the upper hand and have the edge over the other runners and riders. As such a number of racehorse owners have invested in developing bespoke shoes for there horses. By scanning the horses hoof using standard 3d scanning equipment it is possible to develop an exact model of the shoe and so a perfectly fitting shoe to match. The challenge previously has been that only standard sizes, typically forged by a blacksmith have been available.

Long gone are the days of standard sized forged metal products. There is an alternative mechanism which will allow people to manufacture metal products in a rapid situations that is through the use of SLM or metal sintering of powders. At the forefront of this is the titanium with its core characteristics of being strong and light and being able to withstand the toughest of conditions. So when you are next at the stable, or when competing in a high stakes horse race and need the edge over the competition think about how Shaanxi North Steel can help you, and together we will form a winning partnership and get you home a nose ahead of the competition.