Geothermal Titanium Tube

The growing need for every more energy and with global demand on the increase there is a continual shift to ever more advanced and innovative ways of energy generation. Over the past 30 years the rise of geothermal energy has provided the basis for an interesting new method to how energy is generated. However with such technological advancements is a demand for super materials that are capable of withstanding extreme conditions and in particular hypersaline geothermal brines.

One of they aspects is for equipment to withstand extreme conditions and specifically equipment with exposure to geothermal brines are ideal candidates for titanium. Such components are well head parts, valves, tubes and gauges. Additionally for complete flow systems other components that are exposed to direct geothermal brine include the turbine blades, rotors, shrouds etc. For direct binary cycle systems these require use of heat exchangers which again need to be resistant to corrosion. Not only is resistance to corrosion of upmost importance it must be achieved at high stress and temperature ranges placing even great demands on titanium tubes. Typically Ru alloyed grades of titanium meet these requirements and commonly used throughout geothermal tube plants.

Not only is titanium being used as alternative to steel it is being used at the forefront of modern technological advances. There is also a great need to understand and be at the forefront of such advancement and at North Steel Co are the market leaders in developing and supplying to the geothermal industry.

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