Titanium Hardness Testing

Hardness testing of titanium mill products is a common testing approach that is request on orders. Typically the testing is done using a Vickers testing machine at VH10. The requirement for testing is defined in some but not all standards and its not a default test and so required to be specified during ordering. North Steel of hardness testing on samples for all products available. Contact us today for more information about hardness testing.

Titanium Hardness Testing Certificate

The certificate below provides an example of our the test certificates that we issue which are fully verifiable by Baoji Titanium (Baoti) the industry regulator and ncap level test centre. The certificate show adherence to teh teh GB/T230.1-2009 test approach for titanium hardness along with values at each dot point.
titanium hardness testing

Titanium Hardness Machine

The machine below is an example of a Vickers Hardness testing machine that we use for inhouse testing.