Kinds Of Titanium Metric Fasteners

A metallic element known for being lightweight and durable, titanium is widely used in various industries today. It undergoes different processes in order to be made into something useful for medical, aerospace, marine, outdoors, and other applications. 

Processing Titanium 

Titanium undergoes four primary processes. First, it goes through a reduction process that results into the creation of porous titanium known as a sponge. The sponge is then melted with or without an alloy to produce an ingot. The ingot is then fabricated and transformed into tubes, bars, plates, strips, and other types of titanium mill products. Finally, the material goes through secondary fabrication and undergoes finishing.

Titanium Metric Fasteners 

Titanium metric fasteners are among the most common commercial titanium products available today. There are several kinds and they are designed for many different purposes. Here are some of them:


  • Titanium metric nuts – these are frequently used in motorcycles and bicycles. They come in varying sizes. Examples are titanium hex nuts, titanium hex flanged lock nuts, and titanium hex flanged nuts.
  • Titanium hex head bolts – these are lightweight, very strong, and highly resistant to corrosion. They are used in high performance applications. Examples include Ti hex-head bolts M8, Ti hex-head bolts M4, and Ti hex-head bolts M3.
  • Titanium washers – these are frequently used in sporting goods. They are available in different diameters, grades, thicknesses, and sizes. Examples are flat titanium washers, round titanium washers, and trick titanium drilled washers.
  • Titanium countersunk bolts – these are usually utilized in different aerospace and aircraft applications, toys, and others. They are made from varying grades. Examples are Ti countersunk bolts M4, Ti countersunk bolts M10X1.25, and Ti countersunk bolts M5.
  • Titanium socket cap screws – these are the most popular cap screws today. They are available in different grades and sizes. Examples are titanium flat socket cap screws, titanium button socket cap screws, titanium socket head shoulder screws, titanium cylindrical socket cap screws, and titanium customized socket cap screws.