Uses Of Titanium Mesh

Titanium mesh is one of the most widely-used, commercially-available titanium products today. It is made from titanium, a sturdy, silvery, lustrous, metallic element that is extracted from certain minerals through the reduction process.

Considered to be among the most abundant elements in the earth’s crust, titanium is present in sediments and many igneous rocks. It occurs in various minerals such as titanite, rutile, ilmenite, brookite, and anatase.

Titanium undergoes a number of chemical and fabrication processes in order to produce titanium mesh. Because it is known for being corrosion resistant, lightweight, strong, and ductile, titanium can be made into titanium mesh products that are useful for different applications.


Cranioplasty is a medical procedure where a part of a person’s skull is reconstructed via surgery. It is done on people with defects or deformities in the skull. Since titanium is biocompatible and non-toxic to the body, titanium mesh is used to repair the defect in the skull.


Orbital reconstruction 

The boney socket in the skull that houses the eyes and all the surrounding and supporting nerves, blood vessels, and muscles is known as the orbit. If the eye socket runs into some problems, such as getting hit in the eye, the orbit would malfunction and cause double vision, pain, swelling, or even vision loss. In certain cases, there is a need to perform orbital reconstruction surgery to correct the facial trauma. That is where and when titanium mesh comes into play.

Laryngeal framework reconstruction 

Those who suffer from laryngeal cancer or glottic cancer can undergo surgery to reconstruct their larynx with the use of titanium mesh. The material can provide the necessary structural support for the laryngeal framework to remain unobstructed for air passage.


Thanks to titanium’s durability, titanium mesh is frequently used in making designer jewelry, such as necklaces and watches. The mesh can be made into different shapes and sizes, depending on customers’ preferences.