Titanium Alloys Information

The following are some of the most frequently used titanium alloys today, along with their attributes, advantages, and common applications.

Grade 7 Titanium Alloy 

In terms of physical and mechanical properties, a grade 7 titanium alloy is quite similar to a grade 2 one. However, they differ in one component that is involved in the production of the alloy. The former utilizes an additional element, palladium.

Among all the titanium alloys commercially available nowadays, grade 7 titanium alloy is the most highly corrosion resistant. It also has great fabricality and weldability.

Typical industrial applications of grade 7 titanium alloy include the production of chemical equipment parts and components.

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Grade 11 Titanium Alloy 

Grade 11 titanium alloy possesses characteristics that are comparable to that of the grade 1 variety. It, however, contains an additional element, which is palladium, to boost its resistance to corrosion.

Some advantages of this titanium alloy grade are its strength, excellent toughness and weldability, and optimum cold formability and ductility.

It is widely used in applications where corrosion is a big concern, such as desalination, chemical processing, marine applications, and chlorate manufacturing.

Grade 12 Titanium Alloy 

This titanium grade alloy has earned an excellent rating because of its excellent weldability. It is known for its great strength and durability, especially when exposed to high temperatures. Its attributes can be compared to that of the best types of stainless steels.

With the use of methods such as stretch forming, press brake forming, drop hammering, and hydropress forming, grade 12 titanium alloy can be cold or hot formed. This particular trait has made it very integral in various applications today. Also, because it has great corrosion resistance, it has become the top choice of industries to minimize corrosion problems in their operations.

Examples of industrial applications that make use of grade 12 titanium alloy are production of marine and aerospace parts, hydrometallurgical applications, shell and heat exchangers, and high temperature chemical manufacturing.