Titanium 3D Printing

The manufacturing and engineering is changing rapidly. More so than ever. Just has music and media production has shifted from from the control of large conglomerates to the individual, manufacture is about to do the same.

The rise of additive manufacturing or 3D printing has allowed budding designers and creators to take there designs one step further and print them out in there own homes or offices. The rise of the 3D printer is one of the most exciting areas of development for the future of engineering for the next decade and beyond.

The development of 3d printing is not something which has happened over night, no. It has been long in the making, from the early years of hardening resins to form shapes using techniques that would take weeks to complete, there is now a wealth of brilliant printers that can even print in full color.

Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects to all of this is not only the equipment but also the resources that they need to feed them. At the moment many printed products have been for prototype purposes however there is starting to be developed real application products such as jaw bone structures, medical implants and equipment components. Titanium powder is a great material to allow you to be able to build titanium bespoke titanium parts. A future scenario may be that a bone scan is transformed into a 3D CAD drawing and is printed on site in hospitals as patients are treated.

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