How to Price Titanium

What is the price of Titanium ? Its a question that gets asked alot. With many metals being sold as futures on exchanges like the London Metal Exchange it is no wonder that people question why isn’t titanium one of them. And so what is the price.

The reality is that pricing titanium is difficult for two reasons. The first is that the cost of titanium is determined mainly on the cost of production into a Titanium Sponge, otherwise known as the Kroll Process. If we had a different, and less expensive way to extract it from ore then the price of the metal would be different. And yes there are other ways, coming to a theatre near you!

The second reason is that titanium goes into so many different grades and applications and so the cost of creating an ingot is alot cheaper per kg that is for an intricate clip or tiny screw. Each has a different set of machinery and processing and so not all titanium is the same. Despite this it is not difficult to find the price right now of titanium, put you need to specify it in exactly the size and grade thats needed rather than at a standard grade and form. Market competition is pretty buoyant and so find the latest price is as easy as asking a supplier for a price.

Another interesting factor which is impacting metals globally is the supply chain. Now more than ever it is easy to source your titanium direct from manufacturers without the traditional local distribution model. Titanium is light and cost of shipping relatively low. If you would like to find out more about our titanium products, our titanium tubes, titanium bars, and titanium sheets then contact us now for a free quote, we can also send you a free sample if you promise to use it for great engineering !