Quality Assurance

photodune-653399-team-of-corporate-professionals-having-friendly-discussion-sOur quality assurance processes are aligned to the international ISO90001:2000 management standard and we strive to continually improve to increased maturity. Quality control is performed by an independent inspection organisation to certify the conformity of materials against specification and we also perform annual on site audits of all our sub contractors.

Our customers require the most stringent quality control systems and processes. We are highly regarded as being a market leader for best in class Quality review processes. We have been accredited by all leading Quality assurances bodies and be believe our success commercially is built on our investment in quality to allow our customers a trusted and reliable supply chain. We have based our process control systems based on the Capability Maturity Model.

North Steel has maintained ISO9001:2008 and AS9100:2009 Quality System Registration since 2002 and is in compliance with ISO13485 and 21 CFR CH.1 , Part 820.  We have highly qualified personnel at all of its global locations to provide immediate quality and technical support to our staff and Aerospace, Medical, Industrial, and Recreational customer needs, 24/7, worldwide.

Shannxi North Steel Co provides on-going training for all personnel to ensure every level of the organization understands, implements, and is compliant with all quality procedures and customer requirements. To view a copy of North Steel ISO9001:2008 or AS9100:2009 Registration Certificate please contact us.

We are proud of our numerous specific customer approvals and certifications.  Below is a sample listing of our certifications and approvals please click the link below. Please contact your local sales person for a more detailed list of approvals that may be pertinent to your business.