Factory MachineryNorth Steel Co. has the largest and most advanced range of machinery and equipment and have invested heavily to ensure we can cater for the ever increasing demand for titanium mill products and specialist products at high volumes, quickly and at low prices. We manage the full cycle of production from sponge right through to final finished product and have complete control of the supply chain to ensure high quality and quick production times. We welcome visitors to tour our factory to better inform of our expertise and capabilities. We have an inventory of state of the art machinery capable of producing products in the widest range of sizes and dimensions. A small selection of our machinery is introduced below.

Hydraulic Presses

North Steel Annealing Furnace

North Steel Co. have several presses including 5000T – 2000T oil-hydraulic presses which is the most advanced equipment in the domestic titanium industry. The machinery self-weight is more than 300 tons, and the forging frequency is 1 time/s.

It has the ability to finish a 10-ton weight titanium ingot forging once, which changes the history in of forging billet forged by gorging hammer in Chinese private enterprise, which changes the products structures and improves the physical property of products. 3500T Free Oil-Hydraulic Press is an industry–leading level of advanced equipment which is co-designed by FIRST and research institutes according to the technology accumulation of 2000T Forging Press. It uses special multi-unloading valve that can eliminate the decompress impaction at the great flow rate. And it also provides the technical guarantee to finish a 15 tons titanium ingot forging once, achieved a breakthrough with the operation of hydraulic press machine interaction work.

20T Oil Hydraulic Manipulator

North Steel Annealing Furnace

North Steel Co. has a number of hydraulic manipulators used to move ingots and billets into position on the hydraulic presses. The increased control over larger weights gives us the ability to work larger ingots in shorter time frames leading to greater throughput.

Titanium Plasma Welding Chamber

Titanium Plasma Welding Chamber

The Titanium Plasma Welding Chamber is use to prepare the electrode and we currently have four sets which provides flexibility in preparing not only larger volumes of ingots but also wider range of titanium materials that we can produce. Managing the complete lifecycle from sponge to mill product gives complete control over the quality of product.

Titanium VAR Furnace

Titanium VAR Annealing Furnace

Prior to start up, the electrode to be melted is loaded into the furnace. For primary reactive metals like titanium, the electrode is fabricated from compacted sponge and/or scrap, or from a hearth melt process like Plasma or Electron Beam. VAR is the continuous remelting of a consumable electrode by means of an arc under vacuum. DC power is applied to strike an arc between the electrode and the baseplate of a copper mold contained in a water jacket. The intense heat generated by the electric arc melts the tip of the electrode and a new ingot is progressively formed in the water-cooled mold. A high vacuum is being maintained throughout the remelting process.

Titanium Bar Annealing Furnace

Annealing Furnace

  • Working temperature 650 – 1000 degree
  • Uniform temperature less than +/-10 degree
  • Temperature control accuracy +/- 1 degree
  • Four temperature control zones
  • Effective heating zone 5000 * 1500 * 500 mm (L*W*H)

GYJ100H 7 Rollers Straightening Machine

3340170 s

  • Tubes and barstool diameter
  • Tube diameter 40-100mm
  • Bar diameter 30-60mm
  • Max yield less than 490N/mm2
  • Straightening speed 18m/min>

SMS AG 7 Rollers Straightening Machine

3340170 s

  • Diameter 60mm-170mm
  • Length 2000mm-5000mm
  • Straightening temperature 450-600

GFM SX416 Forging Machine.

3340170 s

  • GFM SX416 forging machine in processing Titanium bar,Titanium alloy Bars.
  • Diameter 30-135mm,our products have good surface,low loss,high efficiency.

Other Machinery

We also have a number of additional machinery within our factory to support the production of bespoke titanium products. These include:

  • GFM Forging Machine
  • Seven roller straightening machine
  • Hacksaw machine
  • Industrial Electric Furnace