Titanium Capillary Tubing

titanium capillary tubeNorth Steel Co, supplies capillary tubes with a maximum bore of 0.4mm, available in a full range of titanium and alloy grades. North Steel Co, capillary tubes maintain tight tolerances with inside surfaces of the tubes being free from grease, oil, dirt etc. This is necessary to ensure an even flow of gases and liquids from sensor to measuring instrument.

Capillary tube are tubes where the motion of the fluid is driven by the viscosity of the material. Capillary tubes are used in a wide range of applications from industrial to medical. The use of titanium is largely determined by its strength, anti-corrosive properties and bio-compatibility.

North Steel Co,. capillary tubes are used in applications, such as:

  • Chromatography
  • Gases & liquid lines
  • Measurement components in remote thermometer measurement systems

Titanium Capillary Tube Dimensions

Outside diameter (mm) Wall thickness (mm) Inside diameter (mm)
2.00 0.95 0.10
2.50 1.21 0.08
3.00 1.40 0.20

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