Titanium Sports Equipment

Sports EquipmentWe produce a wide range of titanium sports equipment of differing grades and dimensions. We manufacture and stock a number of standard products including golf heads, lacrosse stick shafts and bicycle frames. But also produce products to custom engineered designs

Our extensive inventory of machinery and equipment allows us to produce products the widest range of titanium sports equipment products to meet our clients requirements. We offer products as with all our mill products in a number of different surface finishes including pickling, brushed, black and sandblasted. When it comes to titanium grade then specialist applications require specialist grades and nowhere more are we seeing a greater demand for the most advanced titanium. The chemical properties of the standard grades are detailed below and each product set goes through an extensive testing and quality review. For information regarding how we can support your engineering of titanium contact us now.

Our Production Capability

  • Grades: Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 5, Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 9, Grade 12, Grade 24, Grade 26, Grade 29
  • Size: Bicycle frames to the full range of standard frame sizes as well as custom sizes. Contact us for further information on how we can support your sports equipment manufacturing. For all other sports equipment we manufacture to custom designs and bespoke size ranges.



Our titanium products cover the full range of sports equipment from conventional golf driver heads, bicycle fasteners, lacrosse sticks, helmet guards and custom bike frame designs. Contact our sales team now for further information on how we can support your titanium sports equipment requirements.

Titanium Tennis RacketTennis Racket
Titanium Golf HeadGolf Head
Titanium SkewersSkewers
Titanium Helmet GrillHelmet Grill
Titanium Bike FrameBike Frame

Chemical Composition

Composition %

Tensile Requirements

GradeTensile strength (min)Yield strength (min)Elongation (%)
Grade 1352402013824
Grade 2503454027520
Grade 3654505538018
Grade 4805507048315
Grade 513089512082810
Grade 7503454027520
Grade 9906207043815
Grade 12704385034518