Titanium Flange

Titanium FlangeWe manufacture and supply a full range of titanium flange to EU and US specifications and standards.

The core use for flanges is in chemical and water treatment sectors where titanium flanges are required due to there low weight to cost ratio and we currently provide titanium flanges to several global chemical engineering plants and have a well established history in the field.

We maintain a large number of titanium flanges ready for immediate shipping at unbeatable prices on the market. We are confident of supplying our customer with the highest quality flanges at the lowest market rates

Titanium Flange Range

  • ANSI and ASME Specified Forged Flanges
  • JIS / DIN Flanges
  • MSS-SP-44 Flanges(ANSI B16.47 Series-A)
  • Spectacle Blinds
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Flanges Types

The table below shows a selection of the standard types of flanges we currently manufacture and supply. We primarily manufacture to order to a wide range of flanges. For all enquiries and quotation requests, or for support and guidance in understanding what the right type of flange contact us on info@northsteel.com. The gallery below shows a selection of the standard flanges.

Titanium Blind Flange
Titanium Blind Flange
Titanium Slip on flange
Titanium Slip-on Flange
Titanium Lap Joint Flange
Titanium Lap Joint Flange
Titanium Socket Weld flange
Titanium Socket Weld Flange
Titanium Threaded Flange
Titanium Threaded Flange
Titanium Weld Neck flange
Titanium Weld Neck Flange

Recent Titanium Flange


Welded Tube with Flange


Other titanium products

Below is a showcase of our other titanium products including the full range of titanium mill products such as titanium bar, titanium sheet, titanium ingot and titanium wire. We also manufacture a number of specialist forged and cast components including tanks, dished heads and valves.

Flange Materials

With flanges being historically made from steel the past decade as seen a grade surge in usage and demand of titanium as a flange material. To complement the widespread use of titanium tubing and piping across industrial sectors flanges and flange engineering has been an exciting area of growth. Typically building on from the ANSI B16.5 Class Flanges titanium flanges are manufactured to the ranges and specifications required of all flanges. The significant advantage key to the use of titanium as a material is its low weight to strength ratio which makes it ideal when such factors outweigh the benefits of other heavier and more corrosive materials.

In addition to titanium we also produce specialist flanges in Monel, Inconel and Hastelloy materials. Again such is the focus and importance on creating highly engineered and long lasting production plants there is an every increasing requirement to use the most technically appropriate metal for the the task and so such specialist metals are available upon request and against the ANSI standard sizings. A.A number of engineering projects that we have been supplying flanges for require very high corrosion resistance. Such demand is met by Inconel Flanges, Monel Flanges, and Hastelloy Flanges and are often used when surfaces are at very high temperatures.

Our extensive inventory of machinery and equipment allows us to produce pumps the widest range of products to meet our clients requirements.