Power Generation

titanium-wind-turbine-gearTitanium is utilized in the Power Generation industry in turbine blade applications. In addition, titanium tubing is used on a large scale in condenser and auxillary heat exchanger applications in power plants due to its corrosion resistance and its unlimited life span.

Downtime at a power plant is a very expensive proposition. It has acknowledged that 30% of the downtime of power plants was a direct result of steam turbine failure. Titanium was the solution in this failure situation. 6AL4V titanium turbine blades in critical areas has proven to increase the efficiency and life of low-pressure turbines while at the same time reducing downtime and maintenance. The use of titanium is responsible for the reduction in downtime and maintenance creating cost savings and efficiencies in operations.

In addition to the blades, commercially pure titanium condenser and auxillary heat exchanger tubing has been designed in to power plants applications specifically because of their unlimited life span, and due to the corrosion properties of titanium. Titanium tubing can be specified without having to design in a corrosion allowance. In calculating a cost-benefit analysis, titanium is the material of choice in these power generation applications.

Titanium Products