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frameheatA major application for titanium remains in heat transfer applications in which the cooling medium is seawater, brackish water, or polluted water, in which corrosion resistance is essential.

A major industrial application for titanium tube and titanium plate is in heat transfer applications in which heat is transferred typically from seawater, brackish water, or polluted water. Titanium is an ideal material due to its high strength and corrosive resistance. Titanium heat exchangers can vary greatly in terms of size and application from small heat exchangers you might find in a household fish tank to several stories high industrial heat exchangers used in chemical processing plants. With heat exchangers coming in various forms they can be either mass produced to standard designs or follow bespoke designs and constructed in place for one off applications such as heat exchangers in chemical processing plants.

Plate and frame heat exchangers are used extensively in power plants, refineries, air conditioning systems, chemical plants, offshore platforms, surface ships and submarines. The life span and dependability of titanium in this application are well documented. The initial cost of titanium in this application is not only competitive at the time of installation, but over time the life cycle costs are lower as a result of lower maintenance costs. Titanium coil and sheet used in such application are typical commercially pure (CP) grade mill products and readily available at North Steel.

Heat Exchanger Mill Products

North Steel titanium mill products are supplied for use in the production of titanium heat exchangers including titanium heat exchanger tubes and titanium heat exchanger plates. We currently support several global engineering companies in there supply of titanium plates, tubes and tube fittings for production of industrial heat exchangers across the globe. We understand the importance of producing materials under a tight schedule and delivering right on time and have experienced with supplying titanium tubes for heat exchangers.

Heat Exchanger Standard Parts Supply

We stock and supply a large number of standard titanium tubes and tube fittings, equally we can build custom components for your existing maintenance requirements.

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Heat Exchanger Manufacturing

Recognised as a leader and heat exchanger engineering we have manufactured several titanium heat exchangers for use in industry, whatever your heat exchanger requirements contact us now to understand how we can help with the design, build and maintenance of your titanium heat exchangers.