titanium-helicopter-bladesTitanium is used extensively in helicopters due to titanium’s high strength to weight ratio, along with its longevity and performance in extreme conditions.

Titanium is used in helicopters in both military and commercial markets. It serves as the primary choice of material for engineers due to its strength and weight properties and can be alloyed with differing metals to allow for a wider range of applications. All modern day helicopters have titanium as designed and as play a vital role in helicopter activity.

As with all aerospace grade titanium, quality and consistency of product is paramount The complete production life cycle is managed and controlled to ensure quality control from start to finish. All our Titanium products are tested by the internationally recognised titanium tester. The production can be tracked from start to finish.

Our quality control processes are aligned to the capability maturity model and we constantly monitor the performance of our quality processes and continually improve.