titanium-turbine-bladeNorth Steel Co produces titanium to highest quality levels and standards to meet the stringent requirements needed for aircraft engines that operate at high temperatures and undergo extreme forces.

One of the largest and complex titanium applications is a the gas turbine engine used in aircraft. The low weight to strength ratio characteristic of titanium lend itself to being an ideal material for use in aircraft and aerospace. Components can be designed to operated at temperatures up to 600 °C and withstand the extreme pressures found at high altitude.

The dry weight of an engine is 20 – 30 % titanium alloys, mainly found in the compressor. Other parts of engines made out of titanium include the blades, inlet valves and hubs and disks.Titanium is also used in rotating parts such as in the discs and blades of the engine.

titanium engine For all titanium engine components, a quality controlled design to implementation life-cycle is needed to ensure that products and the end to end manufacture delivers without fault. With most products being fail safe it is important to work with a trusted titanium supplier such as Shaanxi North Steel Co. who can deliver not only on price but also quality assurance. At Shaanxi North Steel Co. we pride ourselves in having the most stringent quality control processes in the industry and in China. We audit all of our processes using full certified independent inspectors and welcome you to visit our factory aswell as assurance reviews to become part of our longer term partnership. Typically we supply all types of titanium mill products to the aerospace industries due to the wide variety in applications and also the global manufacturing chain . So whether it be ti bar to forge into landing gear structures, or ti tube to form into hydraulic pipes or ti sheet to be used in engine plates contact us now for your titanium supplier requirements.