Mr Yong Zheng is the Chairman of North Steel Co. After being recruited by Chinese Steel, the government wing for responsible for steel production, he progressed through management positions of increasing responsibility at CS. He founded North Steel Co. in 1993 after recognising the opportunity in the private sector, and over the years the company has grown in size and reputation to become one of the recognised leaders in titanium manufacture in China and globally. The company has evolved from manufacture of steel to a wider range of metal and materials to support an evolving engineering world. Mr Yong Zheng’s philosophy from the outset has been to focus on quality and trust as a titanium supplier.

Mr Jun Feng

Mr Jun Feng is our leading head of operations and responsible for the daily operations and logistics. Mr Feng started as an engineer at China Steel and became one of their most highly regarded titanium bar experts. He has spoken at several leading manufacturing conferences and is well respected as a leading titanium expert.Mr Feng is our most senior engineers at North Steel Co. and consults on all our forging and casting projects. His expertise also extends to all our titanium tube manufacturing, titanium sheet and titanium bar production.

Mrs Katherine Zhang

Katherine Zhang is a senior manager at North Steel and joined the company in 2007. Katherine holds a Masters of International Trade from Jiaotong University and has over 15 years experience in international trade and business with European and North American Companies. Katherine also has a wealth of knowledge in Chinese Accountancy practices and is a key member in all of our operations and North Steel.As with all our people they have an indepth knowledge of titanium products including ti bar, ti tube, ti ingot, ti powder, ti wire and ti sheet.

Mr Bo Ma

Bo Ma is the Chairman of North Steel Co. His diverse metals and materials background consists of engineering consultancy, fabrication, manufacturing, contracting, and sales. He has experience in all facets of engineering He has held positions of VP of Sales and Marketing, Director of Operations, and CIO during his career with one of the US’s largest engineering companies. Bo Ma holds a bachelor’s of science degree in Manufacturing Engineering.

Mrs Cui Ping Fu

Prior to joining North Steel Co. in August 2011, Cui Ping spent 12 years as Vice President and General Manager for one of the largest Titanium Conversion Forging Companies in China and has built a reputation as a leading figure in the industry. Her extensive metals background and experience includes Procurement, Contract Management, Engineering, Manufacturing, Marketing, Sales and all levels of Management.In addition, Cui Ping spent 20 years with a well know, highly respected forging company providing seamless rolled rings produced from Titanium, Ni and Cobalt Based Alloys for the Gas Turbine Jet Engine Industry. Cui Ping attended the University of Beijing and holds a bachelor’s of science degree in Manufacturing Engineering.