faqsThis section of the site provides a helpful guide on the FAQs we see while providing metal product and services.

Titanium, where does it come from ?

Titanium is one of the most abundant elements that can found within the earth crust. It is typically mined in here in China but also in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Australia and Russia.Titanium is the 4th most abundant metallic element after aluminium, iron and magnesium. In its natural state it is found as rutile (which is a combination of titanium and oxygen) or illmenite ( which is a combination of oxygen, titanium and iron).

Why is titanium a useful material ?

  • It has a very high resistance to corrosion  in oxidizing atmospheres
  • It has a superior strength weight ratio
  • It has a very high resistance to erosion
  • It has a high heat transfer efficiency
  • It is biocompatible
  • Is resistant to many types of microbiological influenced corrosion

What is titanium used in ?

Bicycle frames and components, chemical processing piping and equipment, Pacemakers, Heat exchangers, Dental and orthopedic implants, Ship components, Motorbike components, Pharma and food manufacturing process, Motorcar parts, Hip and knee implants, Jewellery, Baseball equipment, Golf clubs, Spectacle frames, Wheelchairs Heart valves and parts, Aerospace aircraft frames, watches, Cooling towers, Ship building, Racing car engine parts, Tools, Spinal frames, Lacrosse sticks and helmet guards, Bone reconstruction structures Contact us now to talk to an expert about titanium in your products!

Is it possible to weld titanium?

Welding titanium is quite easy and straight forward but needs to be done without the presence of any reactive gas such as air. The most popular approach is TIG welding – Tungston Electrode Inert Gas, using an Argon gas shield. When welding commercially pure titanium there is no need to worry about elemental enriched areas as can be the case with stainless steels, nickel alloys and other alloyed metals. Contact us for more information and advice on how to weld effectively with titanium.

Is it possible to trade futures of titanium?

There is no public futures market with titanium, such as the LME as such it is not possible to buy futures. Because there is so many different alloys that it go into different markets that there really isnt a practical way to do it.

What are techniques to machine titanium effectively?

As with any machining the basics ring true. Its important to have sharp tools,  setups that are rigid, heavy feeds, slow speeds and a good amount of coolant. The work hardening is less than stainless steels. For drilling and cold saw cutting these require sharp, clean tools, good chip removing and again a good amount of coolant.