November 2018

Titanium Bar Manufacture

Titanium Bars Titanium Bars are derived from Titanium ore. They are light in nature but don’t let that fool you as they pack plenty of strength! Compared to Aluminum for example; they are definitely lighter and stronger. How are they made? Titanium is obtained from a number of ores of which rutile and Ilmenite are […]

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The properties of titanium and why it is a useful material

Named after the titans of Greek mythology, titanium has become one of the most popular materials in the world. Strong and lightweight, it can be used for aircraft parts, in military applications and also for surgical implants. The refractory metal has redefined various industries, reducing maintenance costs and guaranteeing a prolonged service life. Titanium has

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Titanium Use in Aeroplanes

Titanium has been used in the aerospace industry for some time now, redefining the equipment and its subsequent performance. Commercially pure titanium is preferred for the making of airframes, while titanium alloys are generally used for the development of engine parts. An increased demand fueled by cost productivity How did titanium become such a high-demand

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Titanium Research

In the past few years, titanium has become one of the most sought-after metals, being used in a multitude of industries. The metal is appreciated for its high resistance to corrosion and incredible strength, being employed for medical implants, airframes and titanium rings. A lot of items are created from this metal, including the titanium

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