February 2015

Copper Nickel Tube

Copper nickel tubes A copper nickel tube is made from an alloy of copper that contains a high percentage of nickel. Apart from copper and nickel, there are other elements added to the alloy, such as iron or manganese. These serve the purpose of making the alloy stronger. Applications/uses of copper nickel tubes In the […]

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Heat Exchangers Titanium

What is a Heat Exchanger? Basically, a heat exchanger helps is the efficient transfer of heat from one medium to the next, while at the same time preventing any mix or direct contact between the two. Typically, a heat exchanger is used in the transfer from one fluid to another. Heat exchangers are commonly utilized

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Titanium Tube Bike Frames

Titanium tube bike frames are made for high-end bicycles produced by top manufacturers in the industry. The reason for choosing titanium lies in this material’s strength and other unique properties, including its rather reduced weight (compared to other materials commonly chosen for bike frame tubes). Titanium – A Reliable Choice for Bike Frame Tubes Even

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