December 2014

Turning Titanium

The second part in the series about machining titanium focuses on turning and milling of titanium and the considerations needed in each case to ensure successful machining. Take a look at the general points of consideration for the machining of titanium that apply for all types of titanium handling. What is Turning As an over

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How To Machine Titanium

This article is the first in a multi-part series taking an in-depth look at the handling and working with titanium. The series is split into parts Machining, Forming and Welding with the first part Machining spanning a number of articles. This first article provides guidance and an introduction to the metal and how it should

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Titanium Hardness Testing

Hardness testing of titanium mill products is a common testing approach that is request on orders. Typically the testing is done using a Vickers testing machine at VH10. The requirement for testing is defined in some but not all standards and its not a default test and so required to be specified during ordering. North

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Titanium Tubing Welding X-Rays

We X-Ray 100% of our titanium welded tubes. A key requirement over recent years for welded tubes has been the ASTM B861 ‘S1’ Special Consideration Requirements. Requirement S1.2.1 is for the full length of the titanium pipe welding points to be examined with x-ray technology. The tubes also have additional markings with the the letters

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