January 2014

Titanium Bike Frames

Titanium possesses unique characteristics that make it a top notch material to make bicycle frames. It is known for its low modulus, corrosion and fatigue resistance, low density, and high strength. Despite being lightweight, it can provide the stability and durability required in bicycle frame construction. Why is titanium used for bike frames?  A chemical […]

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Uses Of Titanium Mesh

Titanium mesh is one of the most widely-used, commercially-available titanium products today. It is made from titanium, a sturdy, silvery, lustrous, metallic element that is extracted from certain minerals through the reduction process. Considered to be among the most abundant elements in the earth’s crust, titanium is present in sediments and many igneous rocks. It

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Titanium Supplier

For alot of people choosing the right material for production can sometimes be a difficult job as they dont know which is the better fit. The metal is available in numerous shapes, sizes and grades with the sizes typically aligned to standard mill products, yet it’s titanium sheet which is the most often used. This

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How to Price Titanium

What is the price of Titanium ? Its a question that gets asked alot. With many metals being sold as futures on exchanges like the London Metal Exchange it is no wonder that people question why isn’t titanium one of them. And so what is the price. The reality is that pricing titanium is difficult

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Choosing a Titanium Supplier

Choosing a titanium supplier, just like choosing any supplier needs to be done carefully. Over recent years the internet has shortened the supply chain with consumers getting closer to manufacturers. Its simple to go online and speak to anyone of a number of supplier which will offer you titanium. The real challenge in finding a

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Titanium 3D Printing

The manufacturing and engineering is changing rapidly. More so than ever. Just has music and media production has shifted from from the control of large conglomerates to the individual, manufacture is about to do the same. The rise of additive manufacturing or 3D printing has allowed budding designers and creators to take there designs one

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Titanium Markets

Titanium engineers specializing in seamless titanium produced by the process of Rotary Piercing. They also offer titanium products manufactured by forging, rolling, and machining. North Steel. is a leading supplier of Titanium Bar, Titanium seamless tubes, finishes and components for oilfield and other industrial markets. Our capabilities include the expertise to deal with the titanium

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